Maintenance of LED displays

Our company’s technicians are experienced in both service activities and in advising customers on how to choose an optimal LED screen. We also provide screen installation and setup on-site as well as basic training that allows customers to use the screen independently.

If requested by customers, we are also happy to build the frame or the stand on which the LED screen will be placed.


– indoor LED screens,
– outdoor LED screens,
– mobile screens.

The choice of specific electronic LED screen depends mainly on:
– type of use – fixed placement or frequent movement:
– location of use – outdoors or indoors;
– viewing distance – for example, up to five, ten, twenty or more meters.

Each type of LED screen can be controlled via the Internet or over a local area network. The media displayed on the screen can thus be managed over a distance or directly using a control computer installed together with the screen. The programming equipment also allows the output time to be precisely controlled for each content item on the screen.
The accuracy of the LED screens is guaranteed and additionally supported by a control camera connected over the Internet.