Buy LED display

Our company, Video sistemi d.o.o, sells LED screens of all sizes and shapes for outdoor or indoor use.

When the customer requests a LED screen, we collect all information related to the purpose of use of our LED screens, the location where they are set up, the distance between the screen and potential viewers etc. If needed, we can also visit the location to obtain additional information. We use all this information to prepare the optimal offers for our customers.

Interested customers can pick up the LED screen at our company, but we are also happy to deliver any kind of screen to the customer’s desired location and install it there.

If requested by customers, we are also happy to build the frame or the stand on which the LED screen will be placed.

Outdoor screens

LED screens for outdoor use need to be especially reliable, as they are usually exposed to difficult conditions – high and low temperatures, rain, snow, wind and humidity. Since the minimum viewing distance is generally much larger for outdoor screens than indoor ones, we improve the reliability of outdoor screens using THT (Through Hole Technology). Such screens are often used instead of traditional rotation boards at basketball, handball and football courts or stadiums. They are also easy to set up and disassemble, allowing them to be moved around as needed.

Indoor LED screens

For indoor use, we offer LED screens whose component diodes are based on the newer, more advanced SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology. SMD LED diodes combine all three colors of the exposure spectrum in one diode, and are characterized by a higher diode density, allowing them to be viewed from a very short distance. They are also distinguished by a very wide viewing angle – 160 degrees of horizontal angle and 120 degrees of vertical angle. The main weakness of such diodes is a slightly lower brightness, which is why they are commonly used in areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Mobile LED screens

Mobile LED screens are used to display advertisements and other videos at either indoor or outdoor events. They can be set up and disassembled very rapidly.

Chracteristics of mobile LED screens:

– jappropriate for presentations involving high-tech graphics and multimedia;
– appropriate for displaying high-resolution dynamic content;
– enables high-quality presentation of video imitations (copies), images and all kinds of animations;
– can be connected to various video signals, loudspeakers, video cameras, TVs, VCRs, DVD players and others;
– size and shape of mobile LED screen can be custom-designed to the client’s wishes;

Technical charateristics:

– colour LED screen – PITCH 15-29 mm;
– LED screen optionaly composed out of more cabnets:
– visibility from 18 to 150 metres:
– screen surface area up to 50 square metres;
– the front side of the screen is protected by rubber that does not affect visibility.

Lamella (blade) – transparent LED screens

Our custom-designed selection also includes lamella screens, which are composed of transparent plexiglass and allow up to 80% visibility. They are especially suitable for large salons or display windows where they do not block the view of any displayed wares. Some examples of possible use include car dealerships, shop windows, entertainment events (concerts, sports), cultural events, promotional events, seminars and advertising. A major advantage of these screens is no need to get a licence for them as they are installed inside.

Various shapes of LED screens

Our selection of custom-designed items includes screens of various shapes (balls, cubes, hoops…).