Our company installed more than twenty large LED screens in Slovenia and abroad (USA, Columbia). There are two screens installed in the United States (Houser Park Casino, Indianapolis) and one in Bogota (Columbia). Photos of these successfully completed projects can be viewed on our REFERENCE subpage.

Our LED screens are of the highest quality and represent the best tradeoff between quality and price.
All our LED screens have the necessary certificates needed for installation in Europe, the United States and elsewhere in the world. The manufacturer ha salso obtained ISO9001 and ROHS certificates.


It is possible to submit our tender for installation and purchase of LED screen according to set rules.

What does this mean?

It means that practically the entire project – a plan, statics calculation, subconstruction and construction development, installation and setup – can be carried out by our company. You only need to choose the desired screen, and we’ll do everything else.
Our prices for such screens are the most competitive on the market due to our well-established cooperation with outside partners. Delivery time is less than 80 days, and can be reduced to under 40 days if air transport is used.

We are happy to answer any questions. Please call us at +386 31 60 88 33 or e-mail us at tomaz.vengar@videosistemi.si.