Production of LED screens of different shapes and sizes

Our company Video sistemi d.o.o (Video systems, LLC) manufactures LED screens of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, they are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Common screen sizes range from 1.00 m x 1.00 m to 30.00 x 30.00 m, but we can provide even larger sizes as well as custom shapes if needed. If requested, we also offer three-dimensional LED screens with custom sizes and shapes such as cubes, balls and others. We specialize in manufacturing small, high-resolution LED screens that can be built into different devices.

Screen resolutions are custom-designed for our customers’ needs. The distance between individual light-emitting diodes for indoor use can be between one and eight millimeters. For outdoor use, we can create screens with inter-diode distances from P3 mm to P30 mm. The screens’ brightness ranges from 1500 nit for indoor screens to 10000 nit for outdoor screens.

Control units are the »heart of the LED screen« and must be carefully chosen and adapted to each screen’s purpose. Our screens can use either synchronous or asynchronous control. Synchronous controls are preferred when the content should be simultaneously presented on the LED screen and on a computer monitor. Asynchronous controls, on the other hand, are used to present content that was previously saved to the control unit. This control unit then operates autonomously, with no need for a connection to a computer.